Dragon Speech Recognition Software

We are an accredited HCCPP and Advantage partner of Nuance Communications and offer the latest Dragon speech recognition software for sectors including legal, medical, accessibility, and other business and personal uses. If you are a legal firm and want to create high-quality documentation to save your firm time and money with Dragon Legal Anywhere (DLA) or a medical-based business wishing to use your voice to help with clinical documentation with Dragon Medical One (DMO) you have come to the right place. 

Dragon speech recognition software also improves accessibility and can help people with disabilities to do things quickly, without needing to extensively use a mouse or keyboard, and can boost productivity as it eliminates barriers. It can be as simple as letting your voice do all the work.

Dragon software can also help those in schools or universities to help those who may have poor handwriting or be slow at writing – thus benefiting from reducing stress and also improving student confidence.

Dragon software will allow you to interact with your computer with your voice providing an efficient and flexible approach to many business and personal tasks.

Which Dragon product is right for me?

See our comparison guide covering the different versions of Dragon and who they are best suited for. Of course, if you would like any additional guidance, please get in touch with our friendly support team!