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Mobilise your workforce with professional-grade dictation

Enable your mobile workforce to complete documentation and reporting work and to improve documentation turnaround in the field via iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Introducing Dragon Anywhere Group, a cloud‑based, professional‑grade mobile dictation solution for enterprises of all sizes.

Subscriptions prices start from £199.33 for 1-9 users per annum, reducing significantly on a sliding scale depending on the number of users subscribed. Contact us for more details

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Incorporate powerful professional‑grade dictation into your mobile strategy

The challenge:

For organisations whose employees spend their time in the field or travelling but are still tasked with documentation demands, paperwork backlogs are a unique challenge. Completing detailed and accurate reports can be time-consuming, oftentimes finding employees taking incomplete notes or finishing work back at their desktop or after hours. This can lead to inaccurate reporting and inefficient documentation workflows, not to mention compliance risks. There’s a better way.

The solution:

With Dragon Anywhere Group as part of your mobile documentation workflow, mobile professionals can take detailed notes, complete reports of any length, or even fill out forms—all by voice—directly on their mobile device in real time. For more accurate dictation and to meet business-specific needs, Dragon Anywhere Group can be customised with words such as industry terms, as well as custom commands to insert frequently used text or fillable forms. Customisations can be shared across an organisation or the latest versions of Dragon Group desktop products, so work started in the field can be completed back at the desktop seamlessly.



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