SpeechStart+ Support

FAQs and Known issues

1. I can’t get SpeechStart+ to recognise the command “MICROPHONE ON” and/or “RESTART DRAGON” but other commands like “Show Flags” work okay.

Please right click on the Speechstart+ blue apple icon in the system tray and choose Options. If you are unable to see the blue apple in the system tray then click on the extension tray first. You can make the blue apple a permanent feature in the system tray by dragging it down onto the system tray from the extension tray. After you click on “Options” make sure the boxes are checked for using those commands.

Speechstart+ Options

If the appropriate boxes are already checked yet the commands still don’t work then click on the advanced button then in the options screen and turn down the accuracy level/Confidence levels for those commands.

Adjust Confidence Level

As an example if the current level is 96.4 then move it down to 94.4. Read the information on the confidence dialogue above.

If the system still does not recognise those commands then click on “Train User Profile” on the advanced options dialogue.

If you are still unable to use the “RESTART DRAGON” and/or “MICROPHONE ON” commands contact [email protected]

2. I just can’t get SpeechStart+ to recognise any commands or SpeechStart+ will only recognise “RESTART DRAGON” and/or “MICROPHONE ON”.

You need to completely uninstall SpeechStart+ from the Control Panel | Programs and Features after closing the application. Then go to the following location and delete the following 2 folders before reinstalling:

C:\Users\YOUR WINDOWS USER NAME\AppData\Local\CommandRobot
C:\Users\YOUR WINDOWS USER NAME\AppData\Local\pcbyvoice

You will need to run through the application setup again.

3. With certain Windows updates I keep needing to reactivate SpeechStart+

You need to make sure you have downloaded the latest version of SpeechStart+ to overcome this issue with the activation software. You need version 6.80.000 which you can download from the SpeechStart+ webpage on this website.

4. I am getting an activation error such as “You have no more activations left” or I have lost my activation key.

You should contact [email protected] .

5. SpeechStart+ tells me I am running a trial when I have purchased an activation key.

It’s possible that a Windows update reset the activation key to a trial so you should follow the advice in 3 above and re-enter the activation key that you purchased. If you have lost your purchased activation key or misplaced it contact [email protected] .

6. How can I change the name of the SpeechStart+ commands e.g. I want to say “Circles” instead of “SHOW Circles”.

Add an advanced script to Dragon Professional or DMPE, give your new advanced script command the name you require, e.g. “Circles”, then use the following:

Sub Main
HeardWord “SHOW”, “Circles”
End Sub

The case of the text is relevant to make sure you enter the command name exactly as shown when listing out all the command names using “SHOW SpeechStart Commands”.

7. How can I get the flags or numbers to show continuously without saying, for example, “SHOW Flags” each time?

When I first published Speechstart+ (2013) I published a script that will allow the numbers to repeat. To add a script at an advanced scriipting command to Dragon. So it would go something like this for left click and you can write duplicate commands with bigger lists for double-click and right click. You can also adjust the wait time. Please note that then you will be able to get the numbers repeating automatically every time you choose a number to click on. You must get the capitalisation correct for SHOW Flags, Numbers or Circles.

Command Name e.g. “left click <1_100>” (although you can call the command what you like and duplicate with further lists).

Sub Main
HeardWord ListVar1
Wait 3
HeardWord “SHOW”, “Flags”
End Sub

For any other issues please contact us at [email protected]