HouseMate Assistive Technology System

Easy Access To Your Apple or Android device with optional Environmental Control

Our team worked with Unique Perspectives for many years on the development of Unique Perspectives’ HouseMate system which allows limited mobility and hands-free users multifunction access to an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet by the simple clicking of an external Bluetooth switch or joystick. Any single switch or 5 switch device can be used as well as a powered wheelchair joystick. HouseMate can also be driven using voice.

Virtually all of the phone’s functionality can be accessed through the groundbreaking software including, making and answering calls, reading and replying to texts, browsing the Internet, sending and receiving e-mails, configuring device settings, accessing the weather and markets as well as access to most available 3rd party apps.

In addition, a comprehensive environmental control platform is included, enabling control of a wide range of home technology.

Whatever your ability there is a way to control your smartphone using HouseMate.

HouseMate acts as Bluetooth “Hub” allowing a wireless connection to the mobile phone and can interface with off-the-shelf assistive technology switches including Buddy buttons, muscle twitch and proximity switches. Additionally, multiple switches or a multi-input device, such as a TASH mini joystick, can be used, depending on the users’ requirements.

For powered wheelchair users the mobile phone can be operated without any additional hardware directly from a Genie joystick or Genie Master remote. HouseMate can also connect to a wheelchair output module, such as the R-Net IOM.

HouseMate is also compatible with existing, alternative access methods, such as AbleNet’s Blue2, Point-It! joysticks and Eye-Tracking devices, such as Skyle and Tobii’s TD Pilot. In this case HouseMate acts as a hub for controlling the devices in your home.

HouseMate Features

Turn lights on and off, from a single lamp, to whole home control, HouseMate has a number of options.
HouseMate gives control over heating appliances, for example turning a fan heater on and off, or interfacing directly with your central heating system.
HouseMate can act as a remote control for your existing stereo, or can provide control of a whole home music system, such as Sonos.
Control your television from your smartphone or tablet, we support the latest technology, including Smart TV’s, Sky Q and Amazon Fire TV.
Call for Help
HouseMate can be configured to raise the alarm from any screen, including without access to your phone or tablet. We can provide local buzzers or connect to a lifeline system.
Phone & Communication
HouseMate gives direct access to the phone and text message functionality on your device. We can also provide control over your home landline.

We carry out bespoke assessments for all levels of assistive technology, more comprehensive details will be on our updated pcbyvoice website, coming shortly. Get in touch to find out more in the meantime!