Which Dragon Software version do I need?

As a Nuance Certified Reseller and Advantage Partner, Speech Computing supply the full range of Nuance Dragon speech recognition products including the full Professional and Medical range. We also provide training, consultancy and installation services, contact us by email for more information on these services.

Dragon Software Versions – What are the Differences?

There are now multiple versions of Dragon speech recognition software available. The following guide should help explain the differences, for further info contact us at any time.

Dragon Professional 16

The all-new Dragon Professional 16

Dragon Professional 16 is the new version of desktop Dragon released on 28 February 2023. It s a Windows desktop installed product and is for an individual user (Perpetual Licence) or a small to large amount of users in one company or educational institution or the NHS in the UK. As well as dictation Dragon Professional 16 includes full hands-free control of your computer with comprehensive commands for starting applications, controlling the mouse among other functionality. 99% recognition accuracy straight out of the box. Dragon Professional 16 also gives you the ability to customise your vocabulary and add your own custom words and phrases.

Additionally Dragon Professional 16 gives you the ability to add your own custom commands albeit simple text and graphic commands or more powerful Advanced Scripting commands and also including Step-By-Step and Macro Recorder commands. Dragon Professional 16 now also includes networking capabilities, for example, in Citrix and RDP environments as well as roaming user profiles.

For more information and to purchase, view the Dragon Professional 16.

Dragon Professional Anywhere

Dragon Professional Anywhere (DPA) is a new version of speech recognition software from Dragon which gives dictation capabilities with most applications. It is a lightweight version of Dragon compared to DPI and DPG in that your speech files and installed software are primarily kept on the cloud although there is a local server in house version available. Thus local IT requirements are minimal. It could be considered a simplified version of Dragon compared to DPI and DPG and lacks the command and control capabilities of those products.

It can also be used for dictation capabilities with virtualised environments like remote desktops and and Citrix. It is available on subscription for periods as short as one month and also as a perpetual licence. DPA is a product for Windows desktops and should not be confused with Dragon Professional Anywhere Group (DAG) which is an app for android and iOS users. It can be linked to your user profile for DPG.

For more information and to purchase, view the Dragon Professional Anywhere.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE) is now discontinued although we still provide consultancy and support. We would now recommend using Dragon Medical One.

Dragon Medical One

Dragon Medical One (DMO) can be thought of as similar to DPA but for medical professionals. It therefore has a minimum IT requirement in house and is primarily cloud-based. It is ideal for CCGs, GP practices and private hospitals. For more information and to purchase, view the Dragon Medical One.

Dragon Legal Anywhere

Dragon Legal Anywhere (DLA) can be thought of as similar to DPA but for Legal professionals and utilises a UK legal vocabulary. It is a relatively new product from Nuance and has minimum IT requirements in house and is primarily cloud-based. It is ideal for Legal individuals and Legal practices. There is also the option of an in-house server to keep all data local and therefore not on the Microsoft Azure cloud. If you require further information on DLA and would like to arrange a trial of DLA or to purchase please view the Dragon Legal Anywhere product

 Dragon Anywhere Group

Mobile dictation made easy

Dragon Anywhere Group professional‑grade mobile dictation for Android and iOS makes it easy to create documents of any length and edit, format and share them directly from your mobile device—whether visiting clients, a job site or your local coffee shop. Fully synchronises with Dragon Professional Group desktop dictation.

  • Continuous dictation and no word limits
  • 99% accurate with powerful voice editing and formatting
  • Correction Menu to easily correct spelling
  • Train Words feature to teach Dragon how you speak
  • Access customized words and auto‑text across all devices
  • Share documents by email, Dropbox and more

If you require further information on Dragon Anywhere Group or would like to purchase please visit Dragon Anywhere Group.