Mouseless Browsing & Hands Free Voice Control for Windows

SpeechStart+™ is an application from SpeechComputing  that takes Dragon to a new level of hands-free integration with Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11

SpeechStart+™ is available as a 15 day free trial with access to all features and functionality. Please click below to download the trial application.

Speechstart+ Desktop
“Show Circles”


“Show Flags”


Features include:

  • Hands-Free control / Mouseless Browsing of your Windows OS, apps and browsers by voice using voice commands “Show Flags”, “Show Circles” and “Show Numbers”
  • New levels of hands-free support with Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11 using your preferred graphical method of numbering such as “Show Numbers”, “Show Flags”, “Show Circles” and “Show Taskbar” technologies.
  • Click, Right Click, Double-Click, Drag and Right Drag all clickable widgets on the active UI whether it is an application, browser or the Windows OS itself.
    “Click 34″
    ”Right Click 16”
    ”Double Click 22”
    “Drag 9 to 17”
    ”Right Drag 6 to 22”
  • Start Dragon by voice at any time.
  • Restart Dragon by voice any time, even when Dragon has hung or is unresponsive.
  • Switch on the Dragon microphone by voice any time, even from the off state (red microphone icon on the system tray or DragonBar) or from sleep mode. Overcomes difficulties with waking up Dragon from sleep mode or oversensitivity of sleep mode where Dragon wakes up too readily.
  • Position your active window by voice in multiple positions on multiple displays, including any quarter, half, middle or maximised on up to 4 displays.
  • Hold mouse buttons down by voice.
  • Hands-free voice switching between Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Windows Speech Recognition (WSR).

Archie Luis

“Show Numbers”

Download: Speechstart+ PowerPoint Introduction
Download: Speechstart+ Help File


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SpeechStart+ Power Point Introduction


SpeechStart+ Help File