Larry Allen Scripting Guide for Dragon 10-15




Making my own scripted voice commands

Advanced scripting for Dragon 10 – 15, this is your guide to unlocking the potential of Dragon Professional by creating your own custom voice commands. The guide takes you from simple mouse position and keyboard shortcut type scripts to integrating with Microsoft Office, Windows API and beyond, including using other customary proprietary objects from other software vendors.

130 pages of invaluable instruction, tips and hints for getting the most out of Dragon in terms of voice automating the command and control of your everyday applications.

The spiral-bound book is no longer available and only personalised PDF copies can be purchased. Your personalised copy will be sent to you within 24 hours of purchase, usually much quicker.

The latest edition of the book is updated to reflect Dragon Professional Individual and Group 15, Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016. It also covers scripting for Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE) and Dragon Legal products. It does not cover scripting for Dragon Professional Anywhere Cloud or On Premises or DMO.

This book is for persons learning and using the scripting functions provided with the qualifying Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition Products. It progresses from material suitable for a novice with little scripting knowledge to more advanced topics suited for programmers and persons with experience with Word, WordPerfect, or similar scripting languages. It ties together material on Advanced Scripting so that you don’t need to spend as much time searching the online help.

The primary style is one of tackling a problem and generating a command script step-by-step. Parts of the book contain notes pertaining to details of the scripting language as it pertains to Dragon.

Ideal for users developing their own commands, corporate support personnel responsible for command development and persons providing services to Dragon users. While most of the detailed information is in the online help for Dragon, this book ties together the concepts and details needed to produce workable voice commands.


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